September: Been Lovin’/Not so Much

** I accidentally hit ‘publish’  last week when this was still in major draft mode. Contrary to popular opinion I hadn’t drunk too many gins and forgot how to form proper sentences and paragraphs. My apologies dear readers here’s the full version below ** Remember those lofty plans that I harped on about? The ones about charting the highs and lows of every month right here on this blog.  Well, I  got a bit sidetracked in July and August. Sorry about that darlings but I wasn’t having a particularly excellent time and was mainly looking forward to going on holiday, … Continue reading September: Been Lovin’/Not so Much

June: Been Lovin’/Not so Much

Hello darlings. I’m baaack. This year I’ve been studying for a professional diploma in Marketing and it’s been pretty bloody stressful. At the very moment that I remembered that I actually hate studying and am not remotely academic, my little freelance writing business took off. What with that and the day job, I had to put blogging to the side or a 365 day tension headache, plus completely losing my shit and wondering down the motorway naked could have been my reality. I’m all for the #hustle and #girl bosses and #mum bosses and #cat bosses and  #werk etc. but … Continue reading June: Been Lovin’/Not so Much