** UPDATE DEC 2014 The case of the oxtail and strawberries After posting the rather gushing Rioja review below, I feel that in the sense of balance I should update you on my most recent trip. Unfortunately this time the customer service was rubbish and I’m not sure I’ll be back – particularly as there are loads of great places to eat in the area.  Now, I really don’t like to be negative as I know first hand how much hard work goes into running a restaurant but, well, here’s what happened… We ordered our usual favourites plus the oxtail, which … Continue reading Rioja

Persian Paradise

Escapism needn’t come in the form of hallucinogenics or soap operas. Sometimes all you need is a  faux waterfall bubbling gently as you eat and  a few Persian rugs on the walls. One of my favourite places to eat in Glasgow is Paradise – where you step off Great Western Road and straight into a holiday vibe. My sister, mum and I have been eating here for years, although last Monday it was just mum and I enjoying a catch up over our usual chicken kebabs. We always have number 38 ( see, even  the meals are numbered in typical holiday … Continue reading Persian Paradise