March & April: Been lovin’/ Not so Much

Bloody hell, that’s nearly April done already?

Spring, nay summer, is definitely in the air people- I think one of my happiest states, apart from lying in a freshly made bed drinking Sunday morning coffee with my furry family, is driving with sunglasses on, the sun streaming in, windows down and the music blaring. Winter can officially DO ONE.

Anyhoo, I digress. March! April! What was better than the first few days of plump cold sore lips (just me?) and what was worse than waking up on a Thursday morning thinking it’s the weekend?!


Paula’s Choice, Clear Extra Strength 2% BHA Exfoliant

Hold the flipping phone. This isn’t just a lovin’ for the past two months, this is a game-changing public service announcement peeps.

You know the blocked pores, spots and general shit show that has been my skin for the past year?  I found a product that cleared up 90% of it within DAYS.

I won’t give you the hard sell or hit you with hype, except to say if you have blocked pores, hormonal spots, cysts, lumps on your checks and spots between your eyebrows ( why??) then buy this.

The first few days I got carried away with the results and used it too frequently and so my skin felt so tight I nearly had to pull over on the hard shoulder of the motorway to apply moisturiser but it works, god damn it, this stuff works.

I’ve received so many compliments on my skin – apparently it’s looking all tight and glowy and, well, I don’t want to sound like a dick but it is!

If you have sensitive skin it might be too much for you so read the reviews and check out the deets on the website but of everything I’ve tried over the past few months, and there’s been a few, this is by far the best at clearing up spots.

Paula’s Choice Clear Extra Strength Anti-Redness Exofiating Solution ( click to buy)

For £7.50 off follow this referral link and we all benefit!

Blitz spirit during ‘The Beast from the East’

It feels like years ago now but The Beast from the East was bloody brilliant.

Once I’d got over the frustration of having my plans cancelled, I gave into the universe and enjoyed being housebound for a good three days with my little car, and our street, under a foot of snow.

Proper, powdery magical stuff, the snow in Glasgow was even too deep for the cats, who were also housebound after Rod ran into the snow on day #1 and sunk then had to be rescued, not the sharpest tool that guy.

When we did venture out to the supermarket by foot, it was totally surreal. Walking through snow up to our knees, we spoke to neighbours out digging their driveways and helped people push cars belonging to the fools who had decided to brave it behind the wheel.

Clean living

I sort of don’t want this to be so, because it involves lots of work and willpower, but clean living is totally the one if you want to look and feel your tip-top best.

I’m still off the booze and ( can’t believe I’m saying this) love it, plus I’ve upped the exercise ante and am working out around five times a week, including a relaxing yin yoga session on a Sunday to help calm the pesky monkey mind.

My skin is glowing, my eyes are bright, my brain is clear, anxiety is reduced and I have heaps of energy, which is a real novelty considering I’m known to get home from work and schlep into bed still wearing my coat.

The changing seasons probably has lots to do with it but regular exercise and laying off the bevvy is totally working – who knew? Oh, wait, everybody knew.

You, ahem, may have noticed that I’m also rather boring and painfully smug but I’m considering going back to this LA/Goop style life after the wedding celebrations are done.

Perhaps my motivation will dwindle when the white dress gets put to the back of the wardrobe but this seems the perfect age to embrace living clean to help ward off the pesky signs of ageing and grim diseases.

There’s so much in the news about the effects of alcohol on cancer and alzeihmers that the novelty of the after-work vat of wine is seriously losing its appeal.

This is, ding-ding, my second month of booze-free life ( I paused it for a weekend halfway through to go to London to watch Hamilton and enjoyed a few drinks) and since the pause, I’ve found my sober groove.

Proof of these changing habits was exhibited on Saturday when it was a really hot Club Tropicana type of day and I climbed a hill, which is usually rewarded with beer then bathed in the garden, which is usually rewarded with wine.

The temptation to pick up a beer with the barbecue food was strong but I stuck to watermelon juice and had a rare old time – how lovely it was not to feel all dehydrated and squiffy when coming indoors from the sun.

While I can happily relinquish the habitual home drinking, I’m not ready to give up on aeroplane drinks, a gig beer buzz, cocktails in the sun or fizz on special occasions – so maybe that’s what I’ll stick to for a while.

I found this article online by Polly Vernon and it totally reinforced all my current feels on the subject.

*cuts to an image of me this weekend at my henny swigging from a prosecco bottle at 2 am and dropping my phone in the hot tub*

Hamilton – werk!

Sometimes the anticipation of something is better than the actual thing and having been warbling to the Hamilton soundtrack for nearly two years and buying our tickets in November 2016, seeing this spectacle in the flesh in London last month could have been a bit of a letdown.  Not so.

Flawless and fabulous it was perfect.

Crashing and Jane the Virgin

I randomly discovered this show on Now TV and really got into seasons 1 and 2, it follows the trials and tribulations of a wannabe stand up comic in New York with lots of appearances from real-life comedians and Judd Apatow behind the scenes.

I’m also still living for Jane the Virgin and am still reeling from the episode that aired on Saturday – everyone needs to watch this show!

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Gradual Tanning Moisturiser

My sister recommended this to me as I had to press pause on buying my usual St Tropez for a couple of months due to wedding budgeting.

A sceptic of cheap self-tanners this one has changed my mind as it’s so easy to pop on before bed – plus it smells all lovely chocolatey and gives a deep tan, non-orange glow.

For special occasions, however, I will still make it rain and purchase the expensive stuff plus I wouldn’t put it on my face.

Charlotte Tilbury

I watched Charlotte Tilbury on a Pixiwoo YouTube video and thought she came across really well and I was immediately encouraged to buy her products – her Instagram vids of pillow-lipped young fillies wearing her slap also sealed the deal and so I braved the Beast from the East to venture into town to try it for myself.

Right enough, the experience was wonderful and the products divine – I picked up the Walk of Shame lipstick and liner plus Light Wonder foundation and magical Holywood Flawless Filter.

Totally love the products, especially the Flawless Filter, which can be used as primer, mixed with foundation or worn alone but I’d stick with Armani Liquid Silk foundation in the future as there ain’t nothing like it.

Holiday outfit planning

I really shouldn’t be buying clothes right now but, come on, a girl needs a few new bits for her honeymoon.

We’re travelling to Vietnam so the look I’m going for is Princess Margaret in Mustique lounging on the beach, silk turban on head drink in hand, meets Kate Moss Ibiza boho vibes.

The look I’ll probably achieve – lightly sunburnt, all the fake tan has washed off, Brit abroad.



Not so Much

I’m feeling good and very happy right now and with so much to look forward to, there isn’t much doing my box in. Ugh, boring, I know.

Anxiety dreams and Night terrors

Outwardly I’m trying to stay pretty chill about the whole getting married next month thing but my subconscious clearly has other ideas.

The most common anxiety dreams I’ve had involve walking up the aisle sans makeup ( as if) and last night I dreamt that I was given a haircut like the one Monica received from Pheobe when she asked for a Demi Moore and gets a Dudley Moore.

It’s interesting that all these anxieties are focused on me and how I look – oops.

Speaking of dreams though, I’ll shove night terrors in here as it’s only a matter of time before my anxiety takes it up a notch.

I’m prone to these suckers when I sleep on my back or feel uneasy before bed, like if Chris is away or I’m staying in a hotel for work and decide that a disgruntled employee is going to break in and murder me.

The All in the Mind podcast on Sleep Paralysis was a brilliant insight into night terrors and explains why you get hideous, feeling that you’re being strangled or choked.

If you’ve never had a night terror then I’ll explain my last one as it’s stayed with me because it was so traumatic. Chris was away and I woke up unable to move (your brain sort of wakes up but your body is paralysed due to being in sleep mode) and I dreamt there was a man in the room and he was lying over me and strangling me.

I was trying to scream and push him off but nope, paralysed, then woke up heart racing and a bit of a mess. Fun.


I hope you’re feeling bloody good too, darlings xxx


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