Feb: Been lovin’/Not so much

The Marks and Spencer dressing gown of dreams

My sister was horrified that I didn’t have a proper full-length dressing gown and was wondering around the house like some kind of poor peasant woman in jumpers and pyjamas with nothing on top, so my secret santa sorted me right out.

This isn’t any old dressing gown.This is the Rosie for Autograph Hooded Dressing Gown.

Soft as butter, super warm and wonderfully thick, yet it doesn’t feel bulky and unflattering- it’s far too luxurious for that. Think a bulky backstage Mariah, wrapped in furs, with a few extra pounds on her.

Cashmere bed socks

Like the above, my loungewear got a serious upgrade when Santa brought me the White Company cashmere bed socks that I’ve been lusting over ever since I discovered they existed.

My feet never felt so smug.

How to Stop Time

It took me a little while to get into this fabulous book by Matt Haig and yet once I did, it felt like it was written for exactly how I was feeling at that moment, which was a bit stressed and ‘meh.’

All about the importance of living in the moment, which as a dweller/ ferocious planner and dreamer, I often struggle to do, this book is both super uplifting and really different.

I’m saving Matt’s other books for lying on the beach in Vietnam slurping cocktails while poor Chris gets annoyed at me for ignoring him.


Liquid Gold and 0.3 % Retinol

My skin was in a bad place before I started religiously double cleansing and using these two products regularly.

I had figured that my blocked pores and hormonal spots were something I just had to live with – I have NO idea why I thought that and I should have gone to my GP, we have FREE healthcare for heaven’s sake.

By the time I made a GP appointment my skin was 80% better thanks to these products and so I cancelled it for fear of wasting their time.

Having familiarised myself with Caroline Hirons and what she says about skin and watched this excellent Sali Hughes podcast with a New York derm, I reckon I’ve figured out what’s going on.

My skin is producing too much oil (rank) due to hormone messiness, which is blocking pours and then a few weeks later the spots break out. Not helping this all, I was previously slathering thick moisturiser and, erm, oils onto my skin unknowingly filling up the pores even further – what a twonk!

Luckily the universe stepped in to save me from myself and a fear of fine lines possessed me to buy this SkinCeuticals ‘starter’ retinol and Pixi Glow Tonic, while a gorgeous friend gifted me the Liquid Gold as it was too potent for her skin.

The combination of the three has helped keep my pores ( mostly) clear, although I reckon I need to get my mitts on some salicylic acid next, for treatment of the remaining spots.

It would also obviously be a good idea to see an actual skin doctor about all this at some point but that’s a bit lavish when saving for a wedding and, right now, I would rather spend the money on confetti and a glitter cannon.


Formerly my most hated exercise, squats are a new favourite.

Don’t worry, I hate me too.

The stronger you become, the more bad ass you feel, although the hungrier you feel too. Every morning I wake up wanting to demolish a full breakfast, with tattie scones, crispy bacon, mushrooms, poached egg, a stack of white buttered toast ( ugh, I’m so hungry right now) but make do with sugar-free Alpen and a coffee.

I hardly need to squawk about the benefits of exercise here but there are so many evenings I spend driving home from work feeling totally exhausted and I consider sacking the gym to go home and lie down and watch some comforting episodes of Lewis.

Picturing my fat back toddling down the aisle, I drag myself to the gym and pep up within 5 minutes of exercising then drive home afterwards with the music blaring, feeling totally happy and full of energy.

I read that Elle Mcpherson said,”I cannot think of even a single case of feeling bad after physical activities,” and always keep it in mind when the siren call of home is strong.


Another Christmas time purchase, using an Amazon voucher kindly gifted to me, this humidifier gives my bedroom a dreamy spa feel ( apart from the cats lounging around,  they definitely don’t have cats in spas) with the touch of a button.

I bought it for all at the at-home yoga practice and meditation that my ideal-self does but I don’t, so, for now, I just pop it on when I get home from the gym to freshen up the bedroom and have it feel like a proper sanctuary while I potter about, read or, well usually, watch Netflix.

I’ve loaded mine up with lavender oil but look forward to messing around with other oils when I have a bit more time.

For now, I’m enjoying the benefits of a humidifier, which include sweet disco lighting, the remedying of dry winter skin and apparently, it helps ward off colds and flu too. Essential for a sickly child like me.

Pot Luck

The best brunch I’ve had in Glasgow, possibly ever.

This place has been sending Instagram wild with its quirky yellow exterior and lusty lusty, oh so lusty food. I’m lucky enough to know one of the owners and am so super impressed by what they’ve created.

I also can’t wait to head back and make my way through the whole menu.

Turning a corner with wedding planning

Wedding planning is a funny old thing.

There’s heaps of stagnant time where you don’t really have to do anything apart from watch Say Yes to the Dress UK and live on Pinterest and then, yays, it’s nearly three months to go.

I’m lucky in that my family are super helpful and creative and I’m used to planning events as part of my job, but I can feel stress starting to creep in.

The exciting stuff is happening now though, I pick up the dress tomorrow, we’ve booked our honeymoon flights and then hen is all planned.

It’s really happening.

Not so Much

Cheap foundation

I so wanted a cheap foundation to work as I’m finding it hard to justify my usual £41 Armani Luminous Silk foundation when I’m on a super tight wedding budget.

I spent £7 on a collection 2000 foundation and at first thought I’d cracked it, no need to spend the big bucks on foundation ever again!  Alas no, it’s sticking to all my lines and spots and I’m longing for a forty quid Armani glow.

Hangovers when you’re 34

Just no. I gave up regular heavy drinking a few years ago but am prone to one big hangover every six months when I get over-excited and forget about my small frame and low tolerance for alcohol.

Fed up even of low-level hangovers, where I feel OK but feed the thirst with lots of junk, I’m renouncing booze for at least a month. I want to break some habits ( you know, it’s Friday, I deserve wine! I achieved something, I deserve wine! I didn’t achieve something, I deserve wine!) and lose a few physical and monetary pounds too.

Fringe anxiety

To fringe or not to fringe? I gave up my front fringe a few months ago and think it’s perhaps kinder on my face to have a sweep over and less hair but I’m missing the fringe vibe big time.

Constantly googling images of Zooey Deschanel and Helena Christensen again tells me I’ll have it cut back in within a few weeks.

Front loading the year with joy

Tickets for Hamilton, my hen, the wedding and honeymoon of dreams, Future Islands (again) have all got me shimmying around on cloud 9 with so much to look forward to.

Imagine the terror that I feel when remembering that come mid-June it will all be over – sacre bleu!



  1. February 23, 2018 / 10:11 am

    If spas had cats, I’d maybe be interested.

    100% behind clamping down on unnecessary spending in favour of a glitter cannon, btw.

    Lis / last year’s girl x

    • flicarama
      March 15, 2018 / 11:56 am

      I think cats would rather hang out in spas than cat cafes – they like chilled warm environments, just a thought! xxx

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