On Trying not be a Bridezilla

It seems a bit mad that I’ve not written a post about wedding planning when it’s something I think about at least 15 times a day.

My day begins by slurping a coffee, skipping the news headlines and instead quickly checking my favourite wedding blogs for their daily updated ‘real weddings,’ posts.

I pour over every detail of the featured happy couples big day, mentally appraising a sassy dress or killer vibe and slagging off any perceived over attention to detail or a ridiculously lavish budget.

Yet I also realise that weddings make you do funny things.


Who am I to slag off anyone throwing a Kim and Kanye sized budget at their day, when I set out wanting a small registry office wedding with minimal spend and yet it’s slowly growing into quite a large affair.

I believe my initial words were, “it’s crazy to spend all that money one day,” and I’m still quick to tell anybody who’ll listen that I refuse to get caught up in the ‘wedding madness,’ and want to keep it chilled.

In the past week alone, however, I’ve stressed over blue chairs that are not in keeping with the wedding aesthetic ( ah, so that’s why chair covers exist!)meticulously inspected my laughter lines and considered botox and have also renounced anything remotely delicious to pass my lips for the next six and a half months.

To think that at the start of the year I wasn’t remotely bothered about wedding planning and left it to the last minute ( in bridal dress shopping terms) to try any dresses on.

Those lofty plans to purchase a simple dress off the high street fell away as soon as I made the decision to visit a local bridal boutique and fell in love with a gown with a pretty un-highstreet price tag.

In my defence

Throughout the planning process despite, admittedly,  getting a little carried away at times * eh hello, dreams of a string quartet and the disco ball they had at the Commonwealth Games* I’ve tried to stay true to my our core wedding values and remain as un-bridezilla as possible.

The values are:

  • We’re dragging all our guests up to the Isle of Skye so want them to have a bloody good time
  • It’s a rare and wonderful opportunity to get everyone we love in the same room
  • We’ve been together 14 years, gulp, and are still madly in lurve so let’s celebrate that

But at the same time…

  • Don’t spend too much dosh, it’s only one day
  • It’s really about the marriage and not the wedding, which, did I mention, is only one day
  • You could get ill on the day that’s only ONE DAY

So here I am, giving into all of the wedding hype, searching online for photos of anyone remotely famous who has ever got married, enjoying the planning process and counting down the days until we’re married BUT trying not to get too caught up in it all.

In typically over-thinking fashion, I’m actually already dreading the wedding being over, probably because a wedding is a big beautiful rainbow on the horizon – something positive to look forward to, which everyone close to us can get behind.

If I wasn’t spending my free time thinking about hair vines, atmospheric photo backdrops and how many bottles of prosecco it’ll take to give everyone a good buzz, I might have to think about boring stuff and other far more depressing things going on in this crazy old world.

So onward with the planning, just don’t  let me Google ‘Kim and Kanye flower wall, price, Isle of Skye’ OK??

Love YOU bitches xxxx


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