September: Been Lovin’/Not so Much

** I accidentally hit ‘publish’  last week when this was still in major draft mode. Contrary to popular opinion I hadn’t drunk too many gins and forgot how to form proper sentences and paragraphs. My apologies dear readers here’s the full version below **

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Remember those lofty plans that I harped on about? The ones about charting the highs and lows of every month right here on this blog.  Well, I  got a bit sidetracked in July and August.

Sorry about that darlings but I wasn’t having a particularly excellent time and was mainly looking forward to going on holiday, so lets all just fo-ged-aboud-it and focus on September, yeah?

Ah sweet, sweet, September. I was away for most of the month and then ended on a high with a super special purchase, more of that revealed below.

In the meantime I hope you’re all wrapping up warm in a decadent selection of faux furs, lighting a thousand candles and preparing to watch box sets and drink vats of red wine in the run-up to Christmas.

This time of year can be trying on the ol’ mental health so I’ll quickly turn your attention to this blog I wrote a while back about SAD and the winter blues.

I’m in full SAD prevention mode, working out as much as I can be bothered to, necking vitamin D like Percy Pigs, and using my Lumie light up alarm to help negate the sheer horror of waking up at 6am when it’s pitch bloody black.

Anyway, back to the matter in hand.

Been Lovin’

Being on Holiday

Who’d have thought eh? 17 days of sleeping in, sunbathing, catching up with fabulous friends and family and drinking beer every day, would be so darned good.

Highlights included the lazy river at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, the tipsy flight on the way over as I devoured ‘free’ red wine and Line of Duty, a gorgeous brides and grooms shower including French pastries and fabulous lingerie, lying on the porch listening to the mad Virginian bugs and slurping beers of an afternoon, diners, the chicken tenders at Sweet Water Tavern and Lunch at our favourite restaurant.

My side hustle

My ‘little freelance writing business’ as I like to think of it has become a steady second income stream. Yes, I’m often busier than I would like to be and sometimes feel a tad stressy but having a job where you can be the queen of your own destiny is SO empowering and *hello* extra monies for pillowcases and throws and paying off the pesky student overdraft.

The fun parts of wedding planning

I was getting a bit overwhelmed with wedding planning a while back as it seemed so far away and a little abstract but also a tad scary. The thought of everyone we love travelling for a weekend to celebrate us is SO fabulous and exciting but also terrifying.

Then I tried on a few wedding dresses, discovered the world of confetti-filled helium balloons and what do you know, I was up late last night googling ‘string quartets, highlands,’ have viewed every online photo of Kim Kardashian’s wedding hair (both weddings) and have considered hiring the UK’s biggest disco ball.

Is the girl who “just wants a laid-back wedding,” maybe getting a bit too carried away?

The Curb your enthusiasm podcast

A staple of our holiday afternoons out on the porch, this is a fab podcast with heaps of interviews with the actors, which we used to get us in the groove for the new season of Curb.

I hate to say it but I enjoyed this podcast way more than I’m enjoying the new season. It’s too shiny and overacted – I guess some things should be left where they were, unfortunately ( ahem, Peep Show, I’m looking at you doll.)

Claude peeing all over our bed while we were away

Claude is our cat, not our inexplicably French child. Although we do treat him like one.

Annoyed at us for leaving him for over two weeks and despite being left in capable hands, he peed on our bed not once but twice. He had a right good pee party. This wasn’t the first time it happened but it had to be the last – the mattress had to go and the bed was rubbish anyway.

After sleeping on a massive bed of dreams in Las Vegas we decided to treat ourselves to a super king mattress, which endorsed by one of my best friends Emily, is the best thing we have ever done.

So thanks, Claude. P.S You’re NEVER getting in our bedroom again.

My besties mini hen

A super civilised afternoon ( then less civilised evening) of guzzling fizz, eating delicious cakes decorated with the story of how the happy couple met and lots of girly time celebrating a beautiful bride to be.



Passing my marketing diploma with bloody merit

Ok I didn’t pass the whole diploma with merit, I actually scraped through the first two modules and passed the final one with merit but so what! It was hard and I passed.  It feels like a big achievement and totally boosted my marketing knowledge but kindly remind me never to willingly study for anything ever again.

Not so Much

I had a really good time in September so I can’t really grumble but if I have to…

Being too tired to read at night

Actually just being too tired in general. Screw you dark weather. Hopefully, I’ll adjust and finally finish A Woman of Substance and I’m desperate to crack into Matt Haig’s How to Stop Time, which is sitting patiently by my bed.

Love yoouuuuu xxxxx









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