June: Been Lovin’/Not so Much

Hello darlings. I’m baaack.

This year I’ve been studying for a professional diploma in Marketing and it’s been pretty bloody stressful. At the very moment that I remembered that I actually hate studying and am not remotely academic, my little freelance writing business took off.

What with that and the day job, I had to put blogging to the side or a 365 day tension headache, plus completely losing my shit and wondering down the motorway naked could have been my reality.

I’m all for the #hustle and #girl bosses and #mum bosses and #cat bosses and  #werk etc. but sometimes I wonder if I really am. How about we all just slip into some soft house clothes, pour a vat of wine and lie down and watch a nice ITV2 crime drama for a bit, yeah? ( 9 seasons of Lewis on Netflix anyone?)

Anyway, in honour of getting my life back and feeling like a normal person again ( pretty much) I’ve got a sassy regular feature for ya’ll, charting the highs and the lows of the previous month. In a large part, this is because my memory is so bad and I’d like to have an online diary to refer to. Spoiler alert, it’s probably going to be snack, bath and TV heavy.  What can I say? I’m a creature of habit.

Been Lovin’

Buying Stuff

I’m finally paying off my student overdraft, which feels truly tremendous and has sort of changed how I approach spending money but it’s not stopped me from doing it. I had a shopping ban that lasted all of two months and then rediscovered the sheer fucking joy that comes from buying things, especially online. So many spine tingling highs. The purchase, the dispatch email, the tracking, the delivery, the feverish unwrapping, the trying on. I’ve gone the full hog this month and added a MacBook Air to my pile of guilty spoils. The adrenaline from such a big ticket purchase is still surging through my veins but don’t worry, I’ve managed to justify it to myself as a way to offset some side hustle tax, so that’s all fine.

Lifting weights in the spare room

Despite what I said about the MacBook, I’m really quite serious about becoming debt free and so I put my gym membership on pause and have given up yoga for a while. Luckily I live with a personal trainer who owns lots of weights and has given me a regime. ‘Leg day,’ is now a thing. I like to crank the 90’s dance music and get lifting as the cats precariously wonder around me and I inspect my guns in the mirror, wondering if they’ve grown since last week.

Counting the days until holiday

God bless America. We’re going to see Chris’s dad in Virginia, which is always good fun and we’re also flying to Las Vegas for three nights. Planning a vintage/tropical vibes/Lana del Rey inspired Vegas wardrobe is proving fun but I but fear that the American love of air conditioning will see me staggering around sin city in jeans and a hoodie.

The Adam Buxton Podcast

I’m a big lover of podcasts but all my usual go-to’s were grating on me, even my beloved Ira Glass was doing my box in. Luckily my sis recommended the Adam Buxton podcast, which had somehow passed me by. With over two years worth to catch up on, I’ve been sniggering and snorting my way through commutes and lunchtime walks and highly recommend.

Sunday afternoon rom-coms

No longer having to study or feel guilty about not studying has freed up my Sundays a bit and as Chris is at work I have the house to myself. I’ve got into a little routine of waking up and doing a little potter before searching Netflix for Cameron Diaz rom-com’s, so far I’ve done What Happens in Vegas and The Sweetest Thing. A bit like a daytime bath, a daytime film feels decadent and over indulgent and I could watch Cameron D for days.

A man called Ove

We read this heart warming and eccentric tale in book group and I sobbed the whole way through it, in a good way. Then we went to see it at the Glasgow Film Theatre after work last week and sobbed all the way through that too. Usually a rather chatty group, we all sat in silence as the credits rolled and I had that horrible pressure feeling you get in your head when trying to stifle tears.

Paesano Pizza

Best pizza I’ve had out of Italy, washed down with a couple of glasses of Montepulciano- so good I did it twice last month. If you live in Glasgow then I’m sure this place isn’t news to you as it’s always packed. They already have two restaurants, one in Miller Street in town and another on Great Western Road in the west end. You can’t book so just turn up and be prepared for some sexy pizza times.

Oban Live

I used to be a proper festival goer but fell out of it in recent years. Oban Live was a fantastic reminder of how much fun festival vibes and all day drinking can be, where all you have to worry about is set times and snacks, and midges if you’re in Oban. Glastonbury in two years please.



Bumble ‘n’ Bumble Don’t Blow It

I have to get up stupidly early for work to beat the traffic and have only just, in my 33rd year, discovered air drying my hair. As a teen of the late 1990’s I grew up on heat styling the hell out of my tresses and didn’t ever once consider not slaving away under a hair dryer and set of straightening irons every morning,

The look isn’t super polished but it’s quite natural and easy breezy and buys me 20 minutes in bed, so to conquer the frizz and make it smell divine I’m slathering on Don’t Blow It from Bumble and Bumble. I accidentally bought the one for fine hair so think it’ll be even better when I buy the right version for thick and cray cray tresses.

This Future Islands Remix

My Future Islands obsession is going nowhere especially with this sassy remix of Doves. Also War on Drugs are, ugh, just dreamy.

Not so much

The Sands of Time

I love being in my 30’s, way more than my 20’s but it’s made me even more concerned with mortality and ageing. The world seems so vast and long when you’re 28 and then at 33 I sometimes feel like I could blink and be 53.

Watching old episodes of Friends has brought on a major existential crisis. In the early episodes they were fresh-faced babes and by the end of season 10 they’re middle aged -now they’re pretty old. I’m probably the same age as Monika in season three.

I’m probably the same age as Monika in season three. Yes, I have calculated all of their ages at the start of the show and then at the end, but only Monika, Rachel and Phoebe as I couldn’t give a rats about the blokes.

The social – political climate

Where to even begin? I don’t have the energy for it right now except to say let’s all be lovely to each other and rise up and revolt. Maybe.

Rod’s fractured jaw

One month ago one of our cats came home with a fractured jaw. He’s healing well and but it’s been quite traumatic for us all. To date he’s racked up nearly £4000 of vets bills but thankfully we have Petplan insurance to cover it. We weren’t so lucky with our last cat, beloved Monkey RIP, who crossed over rainbow bridge last year after suffering from cancer.  We didn’t have insurance then and ended up paying thousands of pounds in bills.

Moral of the tale – get the best pet insurance you can afford because vets bills are insane and it’s stressful enough when your furry friend is sick.

Here ends the feature, I hope that you enjoyed it. It feels great to be blogging again, I’ve missed you!

See you soon bitches xx







































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  1. July 24, 2017 / 3:58 pm

    Oh Rod, wee precious! Cannot sing Petplan’s praises loud enough tbh so I’m glad they’ve got his, and your, back.

    Saw Adam Buxton supporting Spoon last month, his set was brilliant (as well as being the first time I’d seen comedy open a music gig) so I should really check out the podcast.

    Glad to have you back, lass, and looking forward to hearing about your travels <3

    Lis / last year’s girl x

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