Shopping: Think Pink

Maybe it’s a 33 year old crisis but I spent most of my birthday money on pink things, including, surely height of basic bitchdom, rose gold ombre ends on my hair.

The pink was a bit strong  and  CND protestery at first but now it’s washed out it’s less fierce and subversive,  more slightly sassy rose.

It was fun when it was pinker but I’m not cool enough to pull it off. My hairdresser thoroughly recommended the Bleach London Rose shampoo and conditioner to add more pink , so I might pick some up just for kicks.  It works a treat in blonde/ ombre hair apparently.

Above is what I  bought this month, and a couple of bits I’d like. The trousers look like they could be passed off as work wear and they have a drawstring, so comfy.Yes, it would appear that I am shopping at Marks and Spencer’s now.

I also managed to pick up a couple of dreamy grey sweatshirts in the sales. Love a dreamy grey sweatshirt. The Sol Angeles (number 5) one was a little pricey but it was a big discount and has rarely been off my body since I bought it. I fill it out significantly more than the model in the picture.

The other sweatshirt, I picked up in the Toppers sale for a tenner, I know it’s very similar but it was too hard to resist. Soft grey fabric people!

These are the types of jumper that my perfect self throws on to wear to yoga, not just mainlining crisps in front of Netflix. Though they are obviously excellent for that too.

River Island, £85 2. ASOS, £100 3. Boots, £5 4. Marks and Spencer, £35 5. Topshop, £10 6. Asos, £43

Happy shopping bitches x


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