Lumie Bodyclock Review: Shine and Rise

A review of the Lumie Bodyclock AKA a total winter gamechanger.

I have to get up lots earlier than I would like, 6:45 am to be precise. 7:00 am if I don’t wash my hair and am cool with being 10 minutes late for work. 7:15 am if I don’t wash my hair, am cool with being 25 minutes late for work and want to feel groggy and annoyed all day.

As a lark, mornings are all good once I’m up, it’s when I’m most productive. Bed is also my favourite place in the world and I like a big, long, deep,sleep. Let’s face it, only excellent crime dramas and high grade snacks are worth staying up late for.

It’s the getting up that’s the real problem . Especially when it’s pitch black and cold and I have a cosy new feather duvet and kittens at home.


Once the clocks changed in October getting up was near impossible. My old friend the winter blues came to give me a big smack in the face and life was feeling hard. Like wanting to cry on the way to work hard.

I dug out my SAD lamp and started taking vitamin D again.  It helped with the daytime sluggishness but didn’t cure the spirit crushing feeling each morning when I was wrenched from my dreams by my alarm clock.

Clutching at more time in bed, I was using the snooze function despite it making me late and leaving me feeling rubbish all day. Snoozing really isn’t good for anyone. Nor it turns out, is being woken by an alarm clock at all.

According to research, being shocked into wakefulness releases cortisol, which stresses us out plus it messes with our hormones, which makes us feel low and slow all day. The trick is to be woken gently from deep sleep through to the lighter stages of sleep so that you feel fresh, happy, and ready to rock and roll.

Luckily the lovelies at Lumie kindly sent me their Bodyclock STARTER 30 so I could try this theory out for myself . My friend has one and she really likes it but I wasn’t that bothered because I already have my trusty Brazil lamp.

Lumie Bodyclock review

Turns out, it’s a game changer. I’ll admit that the technology is a bit basic but that doesn’t matter when you have the pleasure of being gently awoken each morning bathed in golden light.

The feeling of coming to by a faux sunrise, as opposed the shrill scream of a phone alarm is truly dreamy.


How it works is this.You set the time and it displays like a normal clock, then set what time you want to be woken up.

The Body Clock stimulates the dawn by waking you up with gradually increasing light for 30 minutes before the time you set to get up.  If you fear that the light won’t be enough then you can also set a back up alarm.

The clock can also be used to simulate a sunset before bed, this is really pleasant and I’ve used this  a few times. It can be used as a general light too as it’s the right brightness for reading.

In the mornings I tend to be woken when the light is in it’s early stages so I lie there and drift, safe in the knowledge that it’s not too bright and so isn’t time to get up yet.

By the time it’s at its brightest, I’m able to hop out of bed and gather up my clothes. No grasping around for a screaming  phone to turn off. No hunting for the light switch.

As a back up I set my phone alarm for 15 minutes after the light is at it’s brightest. I found the Lumie alarm was going off as I was just getting up and it spoiled the chilled morning vibes.

The mark of how much I love the Bodyclock is that I recently dropped it and feared it was broken. Cue devastation all round. However I tried a new bulb in it and all is well.

If you need some help on these dark winter mornings or want to give the gift of better mornings to a loved one then check out the full range of Lumie Bodyclock wake up lights here.


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