How I Exercise

Dead-lifts and squats. Apparently that’s the way to a killer bod. Too bad that dead-lifts and squats make me want to vomit down my  Nike top.


I’ve been into exercise, on and off,  since my late teens.  I’m glad that I found out early how pounding away on the treadmill with some techno or, ahem, Celine Dion, in my ears is an excellent way to blast away anxiety and justify crisps.

My boyfriend is a personal trainer so by rights I should have the body of a Kardashian but I don’t use his gym so we don’t have regular sessions right now. He’s still a great influence though as I’m  full of excuses. Our little house is packed with gym equipment including weights and a boxing bag but my good intentions of morning work outs always go to shit.

What I dig right now is classes. In particular  Les Mills Body Combat and Body Attack.  I don’t know much about this Les Mills apart from that he is the don of fitness classes and must be super rich.  Go to most gyms and they’re all plastered with his branding and doing his classes.

Body Combat is a mixed martial arts based class, with lots of kicking and punching the air to loud music. It sounds a bit silly now but it’s strong and sweaty and makes me think that if an attacker tries to take me down I could whip out a nasty round house kick – bet you didn’t see that one coming creep!

The beauty of the classes is that the same routine runs for 3 months. As a creature of habit that’s totally my jam.  You get to know the routine and you get good at it pretty fast. At the first few classes you feel like a dick, wildly punching and kicking and wanting to grab your stuff and leave, but it’s all good once you master the moves.

It’s easy to come straight from work, do what you’re told, bring out your sassy punches for 60 minutes and then drive home buzzing. You can make it as easy or as hard as you want to but my feeling is that if you’re there, you may as well bring it. Unless I’m hungry, then I’m a fragile little flower.

Solo workouts, using the weights and machines, are probably a better way to get sculpted and I like the head space, but it requires lots of self discipline. If I’ve been running on the treadmill for 20 minutes I tell myself that I’ve been a very good girl and can go home and call a curry now.

Over the summer I was doing  classes 3 or 4 times a week plus a yoga session and I felt fit and strong. I love food and lying down too much to be super slim, plus I don’t think I could get skinny like Kate Moss even if I wanted to. I spent my 20’s trying to do that and it was a waste of time.

Muller light yogurts and skimmed milk can do one.

However my lovely routine went to the dogs a few weeks ago. I had an assignment due and a freelance writing gig on top my full-time job so I stupidly let the gym habit slip.  I also cut yoga from my budget for a while as it seemed decadent and first world -ey on top of a gym membership.

Anyway, this was a terrible idea because exercise keeps me happy and clears my little brain.  Both of which would’ve come in handy when busy and stressed.

Thanks to 3 classes last week the endorphin’s are back in my bloodstream and I’m feeling sparkly again.  Although at body attack ( think aerobics on crack)  I  had to take all the easy options with the old ladies.

Hopefully I’ll stay on track and get back into the routine again, although it’s hard when it’s dark and there’s fur blankets and amaretto at home.

How to you keep fit? Do you find it harder in winter?

Keep fit bitches xxx






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