How to Commute Like a Boss

I spend up to two hours commuting each day. It’s easy going during the summer when it’s all sunglasses and Drake songs and the kids are at school so the roads are quiet.


Come winter it’s a different story. Everyone’s miserable and road ragey and it’s so windy that my little car gets blown across the motorway, which isn’t scary at all. (That’s not true, it’s SO SCARY.)

Luckily enough, I’ve discovered the secret to commuting like a total boss.

Whether your driving, taking the train, a bus, or your little leggies, there’s a whole world of content out there that means you’ll never have to use the time getting to/from work to (a) be alone with your own boring thoughts (b) actually think about work when you’re not in work or (c) play The Best of Cher for the 2600th time.

There’s a few thing’s that you’ll need to get started, the first being a phone. I’m certain that you’ll have one of these, unless your a highly functioning cat or dog that has somehow logged into your owners Bloglovin’ account.

If you’re listening to your phone via headphones then this will be pretty easy for you.

To listen in my car, I plug my phone in via a USB cable so it plays through the car stereo. To stop my phone from falling about all over the place, and for that private hire taxi driver experience, I have this jaunty piece of kit that I’ve fixed to the windscreen. I’m pretty smug about my set up.


Podcasts make me feel all cosy and safe ( well most of them, more on that later.)  Here’s a roundup of some of my favourites and if you haven’t listened to them yet, then dear lord, I’m so excited for you.

This American Life

One of my favourite podcast experiences was flying solo to Amsterdam, drinking a white wine in the sky and watching the clouds while listening to a story about a family that decided to take their young family across the Pacific Ocean in their boat, needless to say it did not end well.

Each show has a theme and they vary quite a bit but I usually feel like I’ve learned something valuable about human nature after listening. Here’s a list of their very own favourites to get you started.


The theme of this podcast is ‘strangers no more,’ and the host, Lea doesn’t hold back revealing all the juicy bits about her love life, while also speaking to people with interesting stories based around the theme.

Often uplifting and sometimes heartbreaking, like really gut wrenching, these podcasts are about love but not exclusively, they also deal with loss and illness and just generally the human spirit.

With all the podcasts I recommend going back to the start, but this is especially true of Strangers as Lea starts off single and charts her time back then really well – nowadays she’s all loved up with a guy from the band Dengue Fever.

Generation Why 

My sis got me into this one, actually she got me into most of them . Generation Why is perfect for this time of year as things get a little more, well, creepy.

I’m a bit of a ghoul and love nothing more than a good murder. I’m not proud of this and it does nothing for my anxiety or my constant fear of being murdered (wonder where that comes from?).

Anyway, if you’re not of this disposition then this podcast probably isn’t for you. It’s pretty much just two guys discussing high profile crimes, usually murders, often speaking to authors who’ve penned books about them.

Highlights include The Untold Story of Ted Bundy ( chills) Charles Manson Behind Bars  (more chills) Madeline McCann (controversial but interesting..)

Looking at all the episodes now, there’s quite a few I’ve missed. I’ll be interested in what they have to say about Steven Avery and Amanda Knox. Be prepared to think everyone is out to kill you.

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

This the other end of the scale. Gretchen Rubin is a writer living in New York and her sister Elizabeth is a script writer living in LA. Basically I want an amalgamation of both their lives.

Gretchen has written some books on being happier and the podcasts look at ways we can incorporate habits into our daily lives that will make us happier.

I love their chat and find it both interesting and useful but this probably wouldn’t go down well with the cynics among my readership.


If you haven’t listened to season one yet then I’m guessing that you must be that dog or cat that I spoke about earlier. This is an excellent gateway podcast. A real life did he or didn’t he? I’m saying nothing more.

Ok that’s the podcasts done, I listen to more than this but there’s so much more to discuss like..

Audio Books 

I know it’s utter madness but I couldn’t tell a muggle from a port key up until a few months ago when audio books changed my life.

Getting in the car as it’s getting dark to listen to Stephen Fry read me Harry P after a rough day at work is one of life’s greatest pleasures and I still don’t know what happens in the end so NO SPOILERS PLEASE.


It’s not just Harry Potter though, other favourites are the brilliant Robert Galbraith detective novels, also by JK. So far there’s 3 books in the series and I’m totally in love with the main character, Strike.

These books are excellent in audio for the accents alone and perfect for Autumn listening. Get involved.

I’ve been known to pull up outside my house and stay in the car as I’m at such a good bit. Baths, driving, walking, cooking, lying in bed – audio books make everything better.

I have the audible app on my phone and you can download and get your first book for free by clicking this link. You won’t regret it.

BB6 Music

This is the only radio station that I’ve listened to for about 5 years. It’s on in my kitchen 24-7 and Sean Keavney’s morning show is brilliant. Unless I’m at a really nail biting bit in one of my audio books I tend to listen to this every morning.

I don’t have a digital radio in my car so I listen on the BBC Radio app and it play it through the stereo. There’s also all the Dessert Island discs podcasts on their too, how could I forget them?!

Other stuff

A clean car is a happy car.

You won’t find old McDonald’s cartons and empty bottles of water in my brief. I buy a monthly Jelly Belly and get a buzz from paying £1 for a few seconds of hoovering in a garage forecourt. I know how sad that is but it’s true god damn it.

I wipe down my surfaces at traffic lights, actually I’m not sure if that’s strictly legal so let’s say when I’m safely stopped with the engine turned off, and I now have a bottle of Hawaiian Tropic Scent Mist that I keep in the glove box and spritz around when I fancy a tropical vibe.

So there you have it. I moan a lot about my commute but most of the time I  love getting to listen to all the brilliant stuff out there without needing to talk to anybody for a while.

Happy Commuting bitches xxx










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