Earning my Stripes: The Perfect Breton

I used to wear mad stuff.

Skirts over boot-cut jeans with Uggs ( we have Sienna Miller to thank for that,) the dreaded white stilettos and sweatband combo that featured in every party ensemble circa 2002, and don’t even get me started on my late 90’s pleather phase, *goes misty eyed at the thought of a pair of Morgan trousers basically made of plastic.*

Back then I was properly going out every weekend and a brand spanking new outfit, or at least a new pair of shoes or jaunty accessory, was essential. I honestly didn’t think I’d have a good time unless I’d recently hammered my overdraft in Toppers and ripped a tag off something.

Needless to say I spent the entirety of my 20’s in debt.

While I don’t miss staying out until 8 am and dragging my hollow self home just as people are popping out for their papers, I do miss properly having fun with fashion.

Since getting older and trying to take control of my finances I just can’t justify buying new clothes all the time and so the ones that I do buy tend to be stone cold classics.

I quite like my look now – typically skinnies, breton and a leather jacket but it’s becoming a bit of a yawn-fest and I’d like to start getting more fashion savvy next year once I’m back in the red, nope green, oooooh it’s black isn’t it? I wouldn’t know, I’ve not been in it since I was 12.

Anyway, in the meantime, I’ve solved the quest for the ultimate Breton top, the wear anywhere, wash a gazillion times, hangs like a dream, looks super chic and doesn’t cost the earth, Breton.

You can thank me later gals.

Looking in my wardrobe it’s actually a little embarrassing how many striped things I have. As I’m pretty old these days, 100% cotton makes my heart sing and so my favourites are from JCrew and Boden.


Yep Boden. I have a bit of a style crush on TV chef Gizzi Erskine, I just love the way she mixes vintage and high street and has fun with clothes but always looks amazing. Having stalked her Instagram very carefully I saw her raving about the perfect Breton from Boden and right enough, it’s the wear everywhere saviour that’s got me through a hell of a lot of, ‘I’ve got nothing to wear, excuse me while I throw out my WHOLE wardrobe ,’ days.

I currently have this long sleeved Breton in 2 colourways but have my eye on it in red and white. If you sign up to their newsletter they often send out discount codes but be fast, these babies sell out quickly.


Oh gawd, I just looked and they currently have a ‘buy 2 get 15% off’ and, ‘buy 3 get 20% deal,’ that’s your wardrobe sorted then.

Happy shopping bitches x










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