Neom: Science of Scent

Scent is crazy important to me. I constantly have candles burning, even in the mornings, although obviously not when sleeping – don’t burn candles when sleeping kids.

My  happy place is curled up on the bed under a fur blanket, kitty at my feet, candles flickering on the side table, and a large part of why I took up yoga was the joy of being enveloped in a heady cloud of incense.

I religiously slather oil across my pulse points before class and then inhale deeply- lavender for a chilled vibe or mint to feel all pepped up like a sprightly Kate Hudson.

If I catch a whiff of Cool Water, Joop, or any of the scents popular in the late 1990’s then I’m immediately transported back to that awkward but exciting time when it felt like life was just beginning, Britney wasn’t crazy yet and platform trainers seemed like a good idea.

So when I spied an offer online for a Neom scent test offering to, ‘help you discover the underlying cause of your well being concerns and select your perfect Neom scent range,’ I was in  – plus I was able to take up an introductory offer, with the kit priced at £3.99 as opposed to the usual £20.00.

The kit arrived swathed in beautiful tissue paper, offering the luxurious touches that I have come to expect from Neom. I haven’t actually purchased anything from them before although I stayed in a hotel that had their Pulse Point Tranquillity Deep Treatment Roller in the bedroom and loved it.

Neom Scent Test - 2

The gist of the test couldn’t be more simple. Inside each bottle is a potent blend of essential oils from the 4 key Neom ranges, which are Scent for Energy, Sleep, Happiness and to De-stress. Each range contains various products incorporating the distinctive smells, including candles, body washes, room sprays, bath oils and body lotions. 

Turn the bottles around so you can’t see their names and then have a sniff of each one for 5 seconds each, with a 5 second gap in between to re calibrate. The scent that appeals to you most – not the scent that you like the most, is the one you actually need.

This is all down to the super clever science bit. Each scent stimulates the hypothalamus in your brain  (which produces hormones to continually balance your system,) and these hormones act like chemical messengers and rush to specific cells that need help within the body.

I went into the test feeling low in energy , something that I constantly suffer with, perhaps due to my lengthy commute, anxious nature or addiction to watching crime dramas late into the night.

I had a feeling that my grey matter would be turned on by the Scent for Energy and right enough that’s the one that I picked. The scent that I liked the most was the Scent for Sleep as I love all things lavender but the one that appealed was definitely energy.

Neom Scent Test - 3

The test would be really useful if you felt run down but weren’t too sure why – sometimes we think we’re getting a great sleep when we’re actually tossing and a turning all night, or we reckon our jaded state is down to lack of energy when it’s actually low mood.

Neom recommends taking the test at least once a month as your needs will change and I’ve found myself reaching for different bottles for a little pick me up depending on how I’m feeling.

The test bottles aren’t really to be used themselves – although I have been using them on my pulse points and adding a couple of drops of the Scent to Sleep into my baths for a heavenly soak before slumber. The idea of the test is that you purchase products from the range that you’ve selected.

I initially went for the Burst of Energy Intensive Energy Boosting Treatment although there’s loads more that I was tempted by.

The juicy little tube arrived within a couple of days and has travelled everywhere with me , offering pick me up’s at work during the afternoon, before I head into the gym and first thing in the morning when I need a pre-coffee boost.

I genuinely find the scent effective at giving me a lift and making me feel all lovely and for £8 I’d say it was well worth the money.

The test itself was also a bit of a wake up call so I’ve been trying to deal with underlying issues for my lack of energy by listening to my body when I feel drained and going to bed a little earlier.

The other Neom products look beautiful and I can’t wait to try the De-stress bath and shower oil (£8) Energy Boosting Home Mist (£18) and Essential Sleep Kit (£20)

While the products aren’t cheap, the premise behind them, offering the frazzled and stressed out beautifully crafted products to help relax and restore, is spot on.

Neom is certainly worth considering if you fancy treating yo’self or someone else.















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      You are so sweet thank you! You don’t even know how much you’ve brightened my day. I’d love to stay in touch – your blog looks fab!! Xxx

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