How to Bathe Like a Queen

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Along with relaxing, keeping calm in a crisis and cooking grilled chicken kebabs, I’m truly excellent at having baths.

Like most things in life, a great bath doesn’t just happen. Filling the tub, adding a slug of Radox, jumping in and then lying back and thinking of Blighty simply doesn’t cut it for me anymore.  I need ambient lighting, a face mask, luxurious bath oil and bubbles, light hearted entertainment, sometimes there are snacks and there is always a cold drink – I love hearing the decadent clink of ice cubes against the glass as I sink to the warm water, it makes me feel like a jaded film star.

Following the soak, usually the length of at least 1 episode of The It Crowd/ Veep/ The Thick of It / Absolutely  Fabulous or New Girl, I wrap myself in a silky kimono and stagger to bed, a little light headed from the heat ( and the cold drink depending on whether it was gin or elderflower cordial with the tonic) and, depending on the time of day, proceed to have a long deep sleep or a nap. The most indulgent bath of all is the afternoon bath.  Yes, I do realise that I am definitely not ready to have  children.

For post bath loveliness I like to slather on Bliss Lemon and Sage Body Butter and then lock in that zesty scent with the most delicious smell of all time – if only it would linger for longer, Origins Ginger Essence. Finally, I zap my thick hair with the best god damn hair dryer that ever happened to me, the ETI Turbodryer 3200, so pretty and powerful it makes the most laborious task (in my book, anyway) a pleasure.

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