Beauty Hero: L’oreal Infallible Mattifying Base

You know when you put all your make up on in the morning and then look in the mirror a few hours later to see a greasy mad woman staring back at you, makeup smeared all over her face? Well, that’s me. Despite working at a desk I look like I’ve been engaged in manual labour for the first half of the day, all that lovely make up that I’ve spent a small fortune on has been magically spirited away.

I’ve gone through various primers in my time, however after investing in the amazing Armani Liquid Silk Foundation, which is £36, I had let my last tube of Benefit Porefessional go unreplaced.

Realising that due to it’s light and dewy texture the foundation was sliding off my face, I researched the best primers that wouldn’t break the bank and found a lot of online love for L’Oreal Infallible Mattifying Base. At just £7.99, it’s a snip compared to Benefit and Mac primers, which retail for closer to £20 each. Often I worry that cheaper make up doesn’t last very long and that like cheap tights, it can be a false economy, but I’ve had mine since the end of November and have loads left.


It does a fantastic job of prepping the skin and removing any shine or enlarged pores, allowing my foundation glide on, looking even better than it does on bare skin. It can also be worn alone for at the weekends when you don’t want to trowel on the slap but don’t want to look shiny either. When applied it gives skin a lovely velvet feel, with a little bit going a long way.

The best part – I get home after work and don’t like I’ve spent a day out in the fields, my make up pretty much still in place.




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