Kimchi Cult 

I follow a bunch of London foodie types on Instagram forever posting pics of drool inducing Korean chicken wings and all things deliciously kimchi ( fermented veggies, tastier than it sounds)at pop-up events in places like Hoxton or is it Brixton? Basically everyone’s got beards. Hoping to get my mitts on something similar in Glasgow and very much over the burger trend, imagine my delight when I discovered that a Korean street food joint had sprung up just off Byres Road.

Forgive the horrible pictures but we were seated at the window, which was a little dark. There isn’t much seating, enough for 10 people or so, it’s more of a take away place but it was fine, although I would have liked some hot sauce at the table to satisfy my spicy desires.

There were two guys behind the counter doing all the cooking and serving, beavering away very hard while remaining super friendly. They didn’t get flapped when the orders started piling in, which they did, rather early on a Tuesday evening.

The food isn’t fancy or waistline friendly but it is seriously, finger licking tasty. It’s also incredibly cheap, my brother and I stuffed our faces for just over £20. There’s no booze but sometimes, when the chicken is this sticky, crunchy and fantastically juicy, it’s best to eat your calories.

So, what did we eat? Well I just realised that we dropped the ball ( or should it be bao?*snorts*) by not ordering a burger. Looking at the menu now, when I’m not convulsing with hunger and making rash food decisions,I can see the burgers are a bit of a feature. The food is intended to be a Korean/American classics mash up you see.


I love a steamed bun, so went for a Bulgogi Brisket Bao, which was small but yummy and lighter than the rest of what we ordered. The meat was tender and flavorsome but it wasn’t crazy spicy so this where a sly bottle of Siracha would’ve come in handy.


My brother (hi Harvey, you better read my blog!) went a little off piste in my opinion and tried the Brisket Bibimap, a korean rice bowl topped with vegetables and Kimchi and a friend egg. Now it’s not that I have anything against this but I think a burger would’ve been better, it’s maybe a bit of an acquired taste.


I cunningly ordered the spicy sweet Korean Fried Chicken Wings to share, which were frankly all you could possibly want from a wing. Triple cooked and smothered in tangy sauce, they were the highlight.


We also got some ludicrously indulgent fries to share – I think these were the bro’s favourite. Piled high with marinated beef, spring onions, kimchi, hot sauce and mayonnaise, these hit the spot but I wouldn’t want to eat them too often as healthy they aint – I imagine they’re excellent drunk food.


Final verdict – Shockingly cheap, bang on trend and super tasty, an excellent take out option for when a boring old pizza just won’t cut it.


Kimchi Cult, 14 Chancellor Street, Glasgow, G11 5RQ, 0141 258 8081 

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