So Juicy!

Like most of the western world, following the gluttony of Christmas I eschewed solid foods and decided that from now on breakfast would come in liquid form – except from on weekends, when it would come in bacon form.  Without one shred of originality, come January, I googled the shit out of NutriBullets and Nutri Ninjas, convinced that either super duper juicer had the power not only to,  ‘Tear Through Nuts, Skins and Seeds! ‘ but also to make me healthier, happier, thinner and smugger.

Upon discovering that Currys/PC World, was offering £30 off the, far better named, Nutri Ninja, the decision was made. As a lover of over priced green juices, antioxidant smoothies and coconut water, I’ve already saved a fortune with this new DIY attitude.

As I get up at vomit o’clock for work, I am not physically ready to eat before setting off for the daily grind. In the past I used to buy the porridge pots that you add hot water to but they’re generally full of additives and sugar, so now I guzzle the juice at my desk and snack on oatcakes throughout the morning instead.

The results of this new regime include a massive reduction in the amount of coffee that I drink and I’ve also tried to reduce my wheat intake too – I know this sounds faddy but I’ve always suspected that wheat had in for me, probably something to do with the churning and screaming sounds from by belly every time I eat a sandwich.

I have been feeling a little healthier and more sprightly, plus trying out new combinations is quite exciting. There have been some juicy highs and some juicy lows but here’s some tips if you’re thinking of jumping on the juicy bandwagon:

1. Don’t spill a tiny drop of yogurty breakfast juice in your car. One day you’ll get in there and be so overpowered by the rancid smell of sour milk that you’ll need to drive 45 mins to work with the windows down in freezing temperatures . As you don’t really drink milk you’ll then think that someone has broken into your car at night and reeked some kind of madcap dairy based campaign of hate against you.

2. Download the free Jason Vale ( AKA The Juice Master) recipe book here 

3. Kale’s brilliant, everyone loves kale, it makes you feel amazing, pack your juice with kale! Right? Wrong. Unless you have a digestive system of steel, go easy on the kale, at least to begin with, adding just a little bit at a time.  Apparently a rotation of kale one day, spinach another, lettuce the next day is a good rule of thumb for green juices.

4. Ice ice baby. A few ice cubes can take a vegetable juice from weird cold soup, to a refreshing quencher. Frozen berries are also a wonderful ( and handy) addition.

5. Some say that mornings are the time for a fruitier juice as all those carbohydrates wake you up and power you through, while the afternoon is when you should be slurping down some vegetable goodness. I tend to do whatever I feel like but I’m mad,me.

6: My favorite green juice: half an avacado, an apple, 2 sticks of celery, cucumber, kale/spinach, ginger, lime and some ice, sometimes I add organge, mango or kiwi too.

7: A lovely breakfast juice: banana, apple, frozen berries, Madagascan vanilla ‘health’ yogurt from M&S, a handful of muesli and ice.

Happy Juicing Bitches x



  1. February 7, 2015 / 6:03 pm

    Love. This. Super excited about seeing the new refreshed healthy you on Wednesday! xxx

  2. February 7, 2015 / 11:18 pm

    Great post Flic! Your green juice recipe sounds divine! x

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