2 Weeks in Virginia: A Culinary Journey

It’s been quite a year, one that hasn’t been filled with as many daiquiri soaked get aways as I would have liked.  So I had been looking forward to two weeks of sunshine stateside for months. By the time our holiday rolled around I was a woman on the edge in need of wine at high altitude  and burgers on tap – and that’s exactly what the holiday gods provided. Everything tastes so good in America!



Oh hi Five Guys! We had a few burgers while we were away and this was the best. I’m drooling just looking at this photo, oh the beautiful memories! The fries are spicy little numbers, coated in flavoring which ensures they aren’t soggy, while the burgers were juicy and the perfect size for a petite but greedy person. Five Guys have crossed the pond and can be found in London and Manchester. Word on the street is that they are coming to Glasgow ( because, obviously what we need is ANOTHER burger joint.)


We had take out from Baja Fresh a couple of times. Think fish tacos, tostada salads and burritos that the weigh the same as a chubby small child. As I wolfed down the tangy delights it was with a hint of sadness, as I knew that I would return to Glasgow desperate to get my mitts on something similar. The burritos I’ve tried in Glasgow have been good but don’t even come close to their American cousins and the salads like this one ( Tender Steak Tostada Salad) make a heathy (ish) option for takeout. The restaurant is a bit like McDonald’s – very basic, I wouldn’t sit in but they have a table full of  free salsas and sauces that make your lips ruby red with spice. You can them fill into little pots and take them away with you. Don’t even get me started on their guacamole!


Breakfast at I-Hop. Coffee refills – check. Stacks of pancakes – check. Can only be reached by car – check. It’s all so American! While I’m there I like to pretend that I’m in a movie and then feel a little sick for the rest of the day.


We did do other things apart from eat take out. One day we went into D.C as the Smithsonian was running a folk festival, celebrating Chinese and Kenyan cultures. There was loads of live music and a real party vibe. Within minutes we had acquired pork dumplings, a Kenyan curry and two large beers, fancy that?


Frank you’re breaking my heart

As a massive House of Cards fan I’ve been craving some finger linking ribs from Freddie’s Barbecue Joint ever since Frank Underwood took his first juicy onscreen bite. Imagine my horror when I discovered that Freddie’s is actually a fake shop front in Baltimore. All hopes of Freddie’s dashed, I made it my mission to seek out some ribs and good old fashioned Southern food while we were in the city for the day. After some traipsing in the blazing heat and slightly losing the will to live, we regrouped in McDonalds with an iced coffee and pulled ourselves together.  Using their Wifi we were able to access Yelp, which helped us locate cocktails and barbecue just mere blocks away.


Enter Hill Country Barbecue and Market. The set up was weird and involved meal cards, but there was cornbread, potato salad, brisket ( tender as the night) and ribs. The ribs weren’t as Freddy’s as I would have  liked and I thought it all tasted a bit too smokey but it was still a meat feast of epic proportions. Anyway I needn’t have worried as a few days later ,on July 4th, I would be introduced to the ribby amazingness that is Famous Dave’s.


I failed to take any decent pics in my haste to devour the sweet sticky beauties.  Just take it from me that they are up their with the best ribs I’ve ever tasted, and that those animals did not die in vain. 4th July was spent outside eating barbecue and chilling out with a few beers, chicken wings, ribs, homemade coleslaw and potato salad. God bless America!


One final meaty evening was spent at Brazilian Steakhouse Texas de Brazil and boy it was good!  There’s similar restaurant styles here in Blighty, but I’ve yet to try one as good. You pay per head and are then unleashed on the gigantic salad bar, bursting with everything you could imagine and much more ( sushi with your steak sir? ) Waiting staff come around brandishing succulent joints of meat, such as fillet steak and parmesan chicken, which are carved and deposited onto your plate with the flash of a ‘yes’ card. Desert was also pretty special.


It wasn’t all stuffing our faces you know, there was lots of this too.

Happy Holidays Bitches!

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