Last night a sleep mask saved my life – Lavender Eye Mask by Holistic Silk



Sleeping is something that I do fabulously. It feels a little gauche bragging about it, considering that so many people spend the nights staring at the ceiling, snatching what precious hours they can – including the one that I share a bed with. I suppose it’s like boasting about being too rich or too thin.

The trouble with a part night owl, part insomniac boyfriend is they tend to do things at night, often with the light on. This can be a problem when you need at least 9 hours peaceful slumber, with at least 2 of these hours gained pre -witching hour.

My tactic in the past has been to bury myself in the covers and let sleep come for me but that gets hot and sticky, especially now summer is here.Enter the lavender sleep mask.

A while back I read somewhere that Fearne Cotton was distraught because she’d left her lavender silk sleep mask on an aeroplane. If there was ever a first world problem this was surely it.

But a seed was sown and I knew there was something out there, something made of silk, that could make my dreamy nirvana even better.

The mask arrived from Holistic Silk  swathed in tissue paper, all soft and scented and I knew that we would get along just fine. It rests snugly on my face and blacks out the world, while the lavender scent soothes the mind and adds a lovely dimension to drifting off.

There are loads of  designs to choose from – I went for art deco style bronze, which was in the sale at £36, full price they are £46, which seems steep but it’s totally worth it.  Beautifully made, plus practical, it adds some glamour to bedtime and I wouldn’t be without it.



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